2. Be a Thought Leader:   “One whose views on a subject are taken to be authoritative and influential.”   

3. Trust is Critical: A board member can be highly intelligent and a hard worker, but if they are not trusted by our membership, they must go.  It’s the only way to move forward with new ideas.

4. Forget the Perks:  Number one rule is to spend money like it’s your own.  I think board members should pay for their own portion of rep assignments that the state doesn’t pay for or raise enough money throughout their term that covers the expenses NCRA paid.  

5. Diversity Brings Innovation: We need diverse thinkers in order to build a great team that thinks outside the box.   

6. Play to People’s Strengths: Play to what each member is great at, but don’t forget about their weaknesses so that they spend most of their time doing what they do best.

The core competencies needed by all board members include business acumen, critical thinking skills, an ability to adapt to rapid change and a high degree of emotional intelligence. Individuals who make up the leadership team who do not understand the business model of NCRA or who do not have the ability to balance NCRA’s mission and programs (what NCRA does) with the business of NCRA (how it does what it does in a sustainable way) will negatively affect NCRA’s progress.

Form coalitions; create unity     

Create coalitions with leaders in all sectors of our membership, this is essential to create unity and support our states effectively and to create sustainability and growth in our profession.  A coalition is best thought of as an association of groups and organizations working to resolve specific problems or to achieve specific goals that are beyond the capacity of any individual member of the coalition to resolve or achieve on their own. 

Great leaders empower others and facilitate a culture in which other board members care enough to hold each other accountable which is developed from sharing leadership. “A leader is best when people barely know he exists; when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: We did it ourselves.”  Lao Tzu

As people, we crave certainty. We end up with the same old solutions to avoid the discomfort of a lively debate within ourselves or others.  We must pay attention to what disturbs our thinking, uncover its source and explore it.    Listening honestly, being considerate of others’ opinions and ideas that may be averse to your own, I believe, can solve many of the hardships that we face as an industry. 

The purpose of leadership is to get hard work done through the donation of our time and combined effort of many members. NCRA must have effective leadership and that means inclusion in order to thrive!


Inclusion not Exclusion – Great Leadership does not Occur without Inclusion!    

Inclusion is the process of seeking out and embracing uncommon ideas, unique individuals, and challenging situations. To accomplish this we must hear the critical voices, hold people accountable, and courageously sit in discomfort.

Group decision-making can be a powerful thing; it can help us find the voices of the outliers, understand the solutions of the dissenters or even uncover a crazy idea with promise.  There is a way to draw upon critical and creative members.  Accommodating dissent and acknowledging the voice of individuals can meaningfully include diverse ideas for the better good of our whole membership.

My Vision

1. Don’t Settle for Mediocre: Surrounding our organization with the right people is of paramount importance and not doing so can lead to weaknesses within a team. A leader must support the member to either do better; otherwise it’s time to find a new rock star for our team.  The NCRA board needs the best of the best that our industry has to offer, visionaries to explore places we haven’t gone before, then create advisory boards of our individual sectors and empower NCSA to bring the issues of the states.

I have built my own company based on the concept of Team so I know the greatness that can be achieved by working together! 

The Architecture of Our Future….

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